9 Ways Meditation can Help to Cope with the Summer Stress

The sweltering season of summer is back. The morning arrives and we step into the shower to take a nice, relaxing bath. As we turn the shower knob while humming one of our favorite rain dance song, the opposite happens. Our entire body shrivels and retaliates when we are hit by a streaming wave of hot water that attacks our skin and fills our mind with a volcanic rage. Irate instead of relieved, we pick the bath mug, dip it into the bucket full of ‘limited and less fun’ stored water from last night and start pouring in on our body. From the romantic land of rain music, we get transported into a barren land where there are no rain showers, or hand showers or any showers at all. And, this is just the beginning of a hot summer day ahead of us. We get dressed, put on light make-up so we don’t turn into ‘the evil doll - Annabelle’ when sweat would attack us and head out.

The moment we put our foot outside the walls of our house, we are immediately slapped by a bout of warm breeze and the sheer distance from the porch to our car, cab, bus stand, or a station seems like an eternal route where there is nothing but greasy pain – both mental and physical.

In conclusion, the entire day seems like a mental and physical struggle from the moment we wake up.

This struggle, discomfort affects us in all spheres of our life – work and personal. We are so mentally exhausted that our productivity falls by a major percentage. We are so physically drained and irritated that we do not feel like socializing, conversing or going out. Some of us may even feel depressed.

So, what should we do when this heat oversteps our entire body, our mind and makes us lose our ability to think and focus or to feel calm and happy? There are many sub-questions within this question and only one answer – Meditate. Meditation is the panacea for managing various levels of stress in the body. It is the key to naturally limit the production of ‘Cortisol’ -- primary stress hormone in our body. Meditation helps regulate blood flow and improves oxygen supply to all the vital organs in our body. This restores our mental and physical composure – the body feels internally light hearted and happy.

To aid you understand the benefits of Meditation as a remedy to deal with summer heat, we suggest you to follow this simple exercise:
  • Step 1 Whether you are at work or at home, find a quiet place or spot where you can sit and meditate without any interruption for the next 15 minutes.
  • Step 2 Reach the chosen spot and check the area around you. Ensure it is neat and placid. If you are particularly attracted to a particular fragrance then sprinkle some of it in the room.
  • Step 3 Step out of your footwear and feel the cold stone floor against your feet. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. If you prefer to then you can spread a mat underneath. We advise bare contact with earth. However, if you are not willing to sit on the floor then you may use a chair or a stool.
  • Step 4 Place your arms in comfortable position. We advise you to keep both the palms rested in the center of your lap. Close your eyes.
  • Step 5 Take a deep breath in while concentrating on its intensity. Now, slowly exhale. Repeat this step a few times while maintaining keen focus on the rhythm of each breath. Keep it soft, smooth and consistent.
  • Step 6 Repeat the above step until you are able to let go of any contact with the outer world – till there is nothing left, but you and the motion of your breath.
  • Step 7 Bring your tongue near your lips and roll it while slowly inhaling and exhaling. Let the air smoothly pass through the tip of your rolled tongue. This motion shall instantly calm your blood stream and reestablish lost balance of an agitated nervous system.
  • Step 8 Now, imagine yourself transported in to a beautiful winter land where you are surrounded by the glittering chill of winter snow. Feel the cold wind sweep across your face, sense icy snow balls fall on the surface of your skin. Remain in this moment. This step takes a lot of practice. It is one of the vital exercises conducted during mind training sessions. In simpler words, a person is trained to gain control of his mind so he can navigate his brain activity as per the situation demands.
  • Step 9 Repeat the above two steps together for the next 10 minutes.
  • You may open your eyes now. This exercise is free from time zone. You can practice it any time of the day whenever you feel drained and low. If practiced well, then this method can really work wonders in relieving the stress caused due to this damaging summer heat.
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