Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga makes up an integral part of the curriculum. In accordance with world-wide standards set by Yoga Alliance, Ashtanga practices are taught and demonstrated with the utmost attention to detail. This style of yoga asanas is is face-paced and can be translated from Sanskrit to mean, 'more rigorous than others'. You'll notice an internal fire will be stoked as you practice; cleansing you of unwanted impurities and emotions. You'll finish the series feeling lighter than you started, having given yourself the gift of a healthy body and relaxed mind. Students will complete the program with advanced knowledge and practice in the Ashtanga Primary Series.

Hatha Yoga

Balancing the hot and cold, the sun and moon, the water and fire elements; Hatha yoga perfectly complements the 200-hour yoga training. A more traditionally sound practice, Hatha yoga seeks to go into depths of meditative practices like mudras, mantras, Yoga-nidra, Laughter yoga and Pranayama techniques to connect you to your truest, happiest self. Slower practices, subtle asana postures and breathing exercises give everlasting results that you can not only use in your day-to-day life, but share with others through life-long teachings. In sync with the serene environment, these practices will help you to gain control over the unstable tendencies of a wandering mind and facilitate in conquering any body ailments. Upon successful completion of this course, RYS certification with Yoga Alliance, you will be a confident practitioner with the skills to share yoga to all the beautiful souls of the world.

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