10 Best Yoga Poses for Osteoporosis

Marichyasana, Sage Marichi Pose


Ask several avid yoga practitioners what motivates them to take up the art of yoga, and you are sure to receive a wide range of responses, ranging from stress relief to a slender physique and spiritual growth. What you probably might not know is that Yoga also rewards a strong skeleton.

Surprisingly, many types of research show that the yoga is protective and effective in staving off fractures and preventing osteoporosis, a bone-weakening disease that results in multiple bone fractures. Low levels of calcium, Vitamin D, estrogen (in women), testosterone (in males), and a sedentary lifestyle all causes osteoporosis. But the hard truth is by the time you start focusing on building the bone-mass it is too late and becomes much more challenging (although not impossible).

So, now is the time to protect your bones from the degenerative disease of osteoporosis through the practice of 10 best yoga postures for osteoporosis. These yoga postures build stability, balance and align the body in the correct way, thus preventing falls and reversing the bone-thinning effect.

1. Vrksasana, Tree Pose: Stand erect on a yoga mat. Bend the right knee and turn the right thigh outward. Locate the sole of the right foot on the left thigh below the left knee. Press the foot firmly against the left thigh. Fold the hands together in front of the chest. Hold this posture for 60 seconds or more. Keep breathing in a steady rhythm.

Vrksasana, Tree Pose

2. Trikonasana, Triangle Pose: Begin in Tadasana with feet hip-distance apart. Rotate the left foot inward and right foot out to 90-degree angle. Lengthen your front torso over the left leg.  Fold down at the right hip. Raise your left arm upwards and extend the right arm towards the right leg. Rest the hand on the ankle, shin or the floor. Look at the thumb of the left hand

Trikonasana, Triangle Pose

3. Virabhadrasana, Warrior II: Stand upright on a yoga mat. Widen your feet 2-3 inches apart. Stretch your arms to the sides at shoulder-height. Turn your left to 90-degree and pivot your right foot to the right. Align the heels with each other. Exhale and fold the left knee over the left ankle. Turn your head to the left and look over the fingers.

Virabhadrasana, Warrior II

4. Utthita Parsvakonasana, Extended Side Angle Pose: Begin in Parvatasana. Upon exhalation, spread your feet 2-3 inches apart. Pivot your left to the right and right foot out to approximately 90 degrees. Raise your arms parallel to the ground with palms facing down. Extend the left arm straight up and face the palm towards the head. Draw your shoulder blades away from the ears and bring the right arm down to the floor. Lay your torso down to the right thigh.

Utthita Parsvakonasana, Extended Side Angle Pose

5. Salabhasana, Locust Pose: Lie on your face on a yoga mat. Keep your arms alongside your upper body. Lift your chest, head high and up as you stretch your legs behind. Make sure you uplift your legs, chest, and head without straining your body.


6. Setu-Bandhasana, Bridge Pose: Lie straight on your back with bent knees and arms by your side. Align your heels with the knees. Press the arms and feet into the floor to raise your lower back and hips from the yoga mat. Clasp your hands and rest the upper body on your shoulders.

Setu-Bandhasana, Bridge Pose

7. Supta Padangusthasana, Reclining Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose: Lie on a yoga mat. Keep your legs extended and strong. Hook a yoga strap around the arch of the left foot and tightly hold it in your hands. Now, slowly straighten your left leg and raise it high. Broaden your shoulder blades and pull your collarbone away from the sternum.

Supta Padangusthasana, Reclining Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose

8. Adho-Mukha Svanasana, Downward-Facing Dog Pose: Begin in a tabletop position. Align your wrists with your shoulders and spread out your fingers. Inhale, lift the knees off the floor and straighten the legs behind. Tuck the toes inward and keep the heels on the floor. Center your head between the upper arms and gaze at the navel.


9. Marichyasana, Sage Marichi Pose: Begin in staff pose. Fold the left knee and place the left foot on the floor close to the left hip. Turn the torso to the right side. Extend the left arm forward, rotate it inwards and fold the forearm around the left leg. Rotate the right arm around behind the back. Hold the right wrist with your left hand.

Marichyasana, Sage Marichi Pose

10. Savasana, Corpse Pose: Lie in a supine position with legs hip-width apart. Open your arms to the sides, palms up, and close your eyes.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Practice these yoga poses for osteoporosis and make way for stronger and healthy bones.