5 Ways to Utilize Ashtanga Yoga Benefits


The manner you can accept and understand Ashtanga yoga will lay the foundation of your challenge-acceptance capacity of life in general. It is said that the full Ashtanga system, when practiced with devotion, will lead to the much-coveted essence of freedom which is the goal of all spiritual practices. Among all the various forms of combined yoga forms available today in this age of rediscovery and innovation of this thousands year old mind-body technique, Ashtanga is considered most well-rounded. The discipline cataloges different asana charts, original teachings regarding vinyasa or the ‘flow’ format of yoga, drishti or ‘gaze’, bandhas or body interlocks, and mudras for gestures. Such intricacies of form and structure in the discipline make intensive mind-body engagement possible.

This transformative mode of exercise can be put into practice for attaining several valuable behavioral assets, serving as the perfect mode of self-purification and reformation. If you are at a juncture in your life when counterbalancing the stress and toils of everyday living is critically needed, turning to the invaluable principles of Ashtanga yoga can help. Here is how—

Give Discipline to Everything You Do

The spiritual vein of yoga lifts the veil off of things and reveals every aspect of life in pure, clear light. This does not happen overnight but requires a certain commitment from within to be present on the mat every day. The time you start practicing Ashtanga as a discipline, you will realize how yoga is not an instant phenomenon but mostly a disciplined state of being.

Just as you are required to go through the motions of Ashtanga practice every day in the same disciplined manner in order to attain the yogic state of being, you would require to performing other activities of life in a manner much the same. Be it academics, a 9-5 job, or even household chores, without a disciplined structural frame, any persuasion can fall flat. The practice of Ashtanga yoga will help you stay clear about your goals and go about achieving them in a sensible, disciplined manner.

Connect with Breath

The pranayamic orientation of Ashtanga discipline is centered upon the breath. The act of breathing, which is a process perpetually in motion, is what anchors the mind and body together in the moment. The more clarity and awareness that you can muster over your breath, more enhanced will be your concentration power. An awareness of breath can maximize one’s sensory capacities and redouble the zeal and enjoyment in life.

Regular Ashtangis have confirmed that their awareness of breath has taught them to regulate their own energy levels, emotions, and sensory feelings. Observers will know how breath gets short and strained when energy level has reached a fag end. Ashtanga pranayama can show how you can rejuvenate with a blast of energy by breathing in deeply, with mindfulness, and pure intent. This is the magic of breathing!

Acquire a Positive Perspective on Things

Disavow the cynical and pessimistic way of looking at life. Engage with life-affirming principles of Ashtanga that condones eternal joyfulness. You could be in the gravest of situations and the drills of life can get very hard but that should be no reason to quit or get sullen.

Just as a trying bend of the waist has to be done to its full extent and not released half way during an Ashtanga class, one should not shy away from the challenges of life. Be present and be calm as you navigate through the phases of life and always make an effort to look at the world through lenses of pure joy.

Get Creative with Life

With Ashtanga, healthier lifestyle choices happen naturally and thus decrease toxin and negative energies in the mind-body constitution. As a result, productivity soars. After taking to Ashtanga you will observe a radical amplification of your quality output. The calm and meditative spaces of Ashtanga practice will create opportunities for creative flourishes. Remember, all the divinity, creative sources, and the beauty of the universe is germinating within your consciousness. Yoga only helps in connecting to this deep core where everything is.

Become Naturally Meditative

Make meditation your second nature. Utilize your training of Ashtanga yoga to hush the chatter of the mind to cultivate peace. Seek out self-practice sessions, learn the sonorous way of meditation, and discover what gives your mind composure.