A Few Yoga Postures for Alleviating and Irradiating Joint Pain

Has battling with joint pain become a part of your everyday life? Then, popping painkillers might not get you much further and it is high time to think of a cure that addresses this problem in depth. Joint pain is a hard reality of modern urban life today owing to sedentary desk jobs, lack of proper exercise, and irregular habits.

Misbalance in proper intake of nutrition too has a lot to do with weakening joints resulting in pain and yoga combined with Ayurvedic diet can be a great way to improve this condition. Yoga teacher training—a course type offered in India has been attended by many over the years to cure musculoskeletal problems such as joint pains. In such a course you can learn the following yogasanas along with nourishment and study that compliment this learning:

Veerbhadrasana or the Warrior Posture:

The warrior is a well known posture which has a wide scope of effect—from the shoulder line, arms, and back to the nape of the spine. The posture is named after a mythological warrior—Veerbhadra. An epitome of strength and stamina, Veerbhadra is considered an incarnation of the almighty Lord Shiva.

yoga Warrior Posture

Overcome your joint aches by practicing this regularly standing with legs placed apart followed by a turn to the right with one foot forward bending the knee, thus building tension in the thigh and arms stretched on two sides. Make sure to hold the posture and feel your joints cracking open with the tension building up.

Dhanurasana or the Bow Posture:

The bow posture plays with the body’s center. Lay yourself down on the mat with your face to it, firmly grounded to the floor. Act up your crucial joints at the shoulder by taking your arms to the back and lift up your legs, bending them at the knees to meet your arms stretched back.

Bow Posture or Dhanurasana pose

Try clasping your ankles—a movement for invigorating the whole of your body with special emphasis on your joints. Now breathe slowly. Breathe slow and easy letting out all the anxiety from your joints.

Setu Bandhasana or the Bridge Posture:

With this posture, you can breathe life and strength into your hips. Start by lying in a grounded corpse pose on your mat, preparing yourself to become as strong as a bridge. Let your hands take your weight as you lift from the ground with your feet and head rested.

 Setu Bandhasana or the Bridge Posture

Try to keep a straightened back for creating more pressure on the hipline. Observe how this posture will also work on your neck joint—a greatly invasive opener for neck to hip.

Ustrasana or the Camel Posture:

Ustrasana is another intensive posture for activating your hip joint. It is as simple as standing upright with your spine straightened and bending forward to touch the feet fully. Bringing your bent-over bust in a perfect parallel line with your legs might be challenging at first.


You can alleviate this difficulty by synchronizing your inhalation and exhalation with your bending movements. Also, remember to hold the posture at a point you can feel the pressure acting on your joints.

Upgrade your yoga practice to a joint movement intensive routine and overcome pain!

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