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About 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

Taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher; it is a new breath of life. Yes, on completion you are ready to set the world on fire with yogic lessons and enhance others’ lives but it is so much more than that. We constantly hear that it is “a life-changing journey”. One that sees students transform in their mind, body, and soul. Couple this with taking a course in the spiritual home of yoga, India, the true depths and dimensions of yoga can really be learnt.


This website has been set up by a group of yoga enthusiasts, who among them have run yoga teacher training schools and are past students of schools. Both, natives to India and expats making this wonderful country home. The aim is to spread what a yoga teacher training course can do to enhance lives. We aim to showcase the best of locations and schools within India. We understand what a great commitment and daunting process deciding to take a yoga course can be, however, one that we know you will not regret.

When choosing a yoga teacher training, we look for a school taking the traditional teachings of ancient yoga blended with a contemporary viewpoint, allowing students to learn in an easy-going way. “A reach towards yourself” is the prime objective so that you can find the solution to personal problems and conflicts in modern life. A Yoga Teacher Training program allows the mind to regain peace and the body to recover its beauty and vital stamina.

Yoga should be taught in its full depth and dimensions with the programs providing methods for establishing a successful practice, allowing the students to take these teachings with them to teach others in a confident and mindful manner. Whether you are just starting or want to challenge yourself, whether you want to increase your flexibility, balance your mind or explore your soul, a yoga teacher training is the right path.


In our quest to find the best school to impart the teachings of a 200-hour yoga teacher training, we have chosen Rishikul Yogshala who have been conducting YTTC in India for many years. The school ranks highest amongst reviews for programmes available in India.

Rishikul Yogshala is RYT certified with the Yoga Alliance that has shown sheer dedication in growing a community of yogis to become a part of the Rishikul family. The highly regarded and educated teachers and gurus lead the courses with immense passion and are truly inspirational in their field. As they say themselves, “they are always a student learning from others and continue their own learning on a daily basis”.

Rishikul Yogshala is a living traditional yoga school based on the wisdom of life, providing a unique system of structure and systematic flow of both yogic and spiritual sciences. The teachings incorporate a scientific grounding, leading to a spiritual method allowing for a holistic and well-rounded approach to yoga. The many years of experience that Rishikul Yogshala’s teaching alumni have gained will help you find a quality education in yoga.

The Birthplace of Yoga-India

India is the true birthplace of yoga, where the ancient scriptures were written over 5000 years ago. Today the whole country’s emphasis is on yoga with a historic landmark where 175 states of the UN signed up on a pledge by the Indian Prime Minister to declare 21st June International Yoga day; making yoga the forefront of a pledge to better health and wellbeing.

By committing to a basic level of digital detox, through our unique and nature-based yoga inquiries, you will have the opportunity to investigate, at the slower earth-pace, your place in the natural system of things.

In India, you are never too far from a yogi, sage, devotee or guru across the countries’ numerous ashrams, schools and institutions. Couple this with the health benefits of Ayurvedic medicine which is rooted in the Indian lifestyle and science. To travel to India is a truly life-altering experience, a country like no other. Deep-rooted in culture, colors, smells and tastes, it will really open your eyes to a whole new magical world.