Advance Level Body Adjustment and Alignment Course

100 Hour Advanced Level Adjustment and Alignment Course

Completing a 100 Hour Advanced Level Adjustment and Alignment course will keep you a step forward than the rest of your fellow teacher training aspirants from the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Traning. With this course, your knowledge of adjustment-alignment technique will be deepened, improving both your prospects as a future trainer and for picking up your self-practice sessions.

Who Should Take A Yoga Teacher Training?

Anyone and everyone with a will and desire to benefit from the numerous holistic benefits that yoga can bring to your life. An extensive Yoga knowledge base is taught; useful for beginners as well as the advance level practitioner. Some people take the course to start a new career or develop their existing yoga teacher career. Others come to deepen their own understanding of yoga and their personal practice relieve stress and anxiety caused by modern day living.

Here is what to look forward to in this yoga course:

  • Know how to facilitate your class with advanced insight into yoga
  • Understand how to instruct your class in logical and comprehensive language about the technicalities of the body
  • Understand how to keep your classes interactive regarding yoga movements, supported by philosophy of yoga
  • Learn how to custom your classes according to unique body types and their limitations
  • By having a considerable grip over human anatomy in context of yoga
  • Recognize the mistakes commonly made in yoga
  • Deepen your knowledge about Ashtanga postures, keeping in tune with tradition

Who is this course suitable for?

What are the topics covered in 100 hour advance Adjustment and Alignment

The 100 hour Advance Level Adjustment and Alignment has a broad coverage of exploration into different yoga topics:

  • Yogasanas of the Ashtanga order
  • Study of therapeutic benefits of adjustment-alignment
  • Different ways of using yoga props like blocks, straps, wheels, wedges, and sand bags
  • Correction of mistakes in asana practice
  • Anatomically explained light hand adjustment
  • Those wishing to achieve in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy
  • Modification in adjustment in the light of anatomy
  • Tools adjustment
  • Study of breathing techniques
  • Discussions on anatomy

Importance in Your Career as a Yoga Trainer

Students are recommended to sign up for this advance level course in adjustment-alignment to ensure their future prospects of a yoga teacher of distinction. This is how undertaking this course is going to stand you out:

  • You will not only instruct your class but also enrich them with detailed explanation of every subtlety in the movements
  • Make your classes interesting by introducing interesting prop-usage techniques
  • Design practice sessions with respect to each different body types, their capabilities and limitations
  • Explain yoga in the context of human anatomy, thus establishing a connection with modern science
  • Being able to recognize common mistakes made, and correct them
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