Beginners Level Body Adjustment and Alignment Course

100 Hour Adjustment and Alignment Course

Looking to brush up your yoga skills after completing the hugely rewarding 200 hour yoga teacher training course? Learn the particulars of movements with an adjustment-alignment course, starting with the 100 hour Beginner Level training.

Adjustment and Alignment Course Benefits

The benefits of this course are two-fold that will help you to grow in your personal practice as well as in designing your own curriculum for yoga. Get as good as your trainers of 200 hour yoga course with the following:

  • Assessment of own capabilities
  • Introductory practice before starting your own classes
  • Modification technique as per different body types
  • Prop usage: yoga straps, blocks, wheels, wedges, and sand bag
  • Deciding asana practice duration as per metabolism level
  • Therapeutic advantages
  • Coupling mindfulness with exercise
  • Breath regulation

Who Should Attend 100 Hour Adjustment and Alignment?

  • This course will be a great learning experience for those looking to begin their own yoga class. The fundamentals of asana are emphasized by way of adjustment and alignment and it is important for a teacher to know the correct posture from the incorrect.
  • As for personal practitioners, this course will be a great guide for establishing a connection between the workings of body and mind. Feel your body loosening up and achieving just the right degree of flexibility as this course takes you on an exploration into the mechanism of your body.
  • This course is a step forward for those seeking knowledge of the Supreme Self, of which the body is a physical manifestation.

Adjustment and Alignment importance for a Yoga Trainer.

This is how a course in adjustment-alignment is going to enhance your skills as a trainer in the future:

  • Avoid injuries while training the practitioners under you
  • You can instruct your students in a way that they don’t find it awkward performing the postures
  • Know how to synchronize your breath with the movements
  • Know how to make your students more comfortable by introducing suitable yoga props
  • Learn the ways to body modification according to unique body types
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