5 Simple Healing Yoga Poses for Your Whole Body

Human Body is a wonder! We have a heart that beats for decades, a skeletal system that gives shape and structure to the body, a brain […]

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Yoga for Athletes

Being an athlete is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be always on your toes, both on and off the field. The daily schedule […]

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5 Reasons This Season to go on Yoga Holidays

Completely exhausted and bored of the daily humdrum of life, if you are planning to go on a vacation to gift yourself the much-needed ‘time-out’, then […]

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Rishikesh Weather in November

Chilled weather, foggy environs, still waves of Ganges, and the enlightening sunshine, Rishikesh in winters, especially in the month of November is a treat to explore. […]

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Yoga Vidya

When a layman hears the word yoga, images of twists and turns flashes across their mind. To them, it is a physical exercise which comprises stretching, […]

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What is Yoga and Its Excellent Benefits

If you ask someone ‘What is Yoga’? The answers can vary from a set of physical exercises, a spiritual practice, to a perfect body and mind […]

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