yoga teacher training in rishikesh

A Few Yoga Postures for Alleviating and Irradiating Joint Pain

Has battling with joint pain become a part of your everyday life? Then, popping painkillers might not get you much further and it is high time […]

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Celebrate New Years In Kerala

Five Reasons Celebrate New Years In Kerala

The breathtaking greens of Kerala are weaved with blue lagoons and fresh backwaters, which make this town a pleasure for the eyes any time of the […]

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yoga for travellers

Yoga Posture and Sequence for Before, After, and During Travel

Bags packed and all set to head out on an adrenalizing getaway some place far? Ask your body whether it is ready to absorb such thrills […]

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post breakup yoga poses

Four Steps of Yoga to Rise from the Post-Breakup Gloom

Untangling yourself from an emotionally taxing relationship can feel like the hardest thing on earth. The toll-taking seems to be increasing everyday as the huge emotional […]

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meditation classes in rishikesh

Ways to Meditate by Bringing the Breath in Control

It is only when the mind is quieted that the words from the soul could be heard and that is the most important spiritual purpose of […]

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ayurveda and yoga

4 Reasons Why Ayurveda could be Considered as an Aspect of Yoga

Yoga-life enthusiasts keen on integrating all aspects of their lives with the yogic philosophy are welcome to adopt Ayurveda in their food and health habits. This […]

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