Chair Yoga Poses


Is missing workout regimen gradually becoming a habit for you? Is the current schedule at work spilling all over all your fitness routine and you are unable to do anything about it? Do you feel lethargic — low on the physical and mental drive while at work? And, you resent sacrificing your fitness regime for your pervasive professional and familial life. It does not have to be so. Sacrificing workout routine in order to perform better at work, or letting go of healthy regimen in order to make more space for various work-related and family-oriented details is surely not the ideal way to feel better and, to be more productive. Each thing and every activity have its individual space in life and, care should be taken to nurture every aspect of life without compromising too much. Staying fit, remaining physically active is highly essential to give qualitative output at work and at home too.

If you are unable to scoop out time to indulge in a workout, then Chair Yoga shall help you remain active and fit. While you are committing yourself to a sedentary job, regular practice of chair yoga therapy shall keep you alert, energetic, more output oriented throughout the day. The Yoga benefits of Chair Yoga Therapy are so exceptional that you would be amazed to see to how you helped your body by simply practicing yoga, without actually having to step out of the comfort zone of your chair. Here is a list of five awesome chair yoga exercises that would keep you healthy and fit while being at work:

Ek Pada Rajakapotasana (Seated Pigeon Pose)

This wonderful chair yoga pose is excellent for opening hip muscles. It releases tension in the hips that occur due to prolonged sedentary state. Additionally, practice of Seated Pigeon pose is wonderful in stretching inner thigh muscles.

Padottanasana (Seated Front Leg Raise)

Padottanasana is an excellent yoga pose for promoting fat loss in abdomen muscles and quadriceps. So, become thin while seated in a chair.

Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)

This is the ideal yoga posture for flexing the back muscles and promoting blood circulation through the body. This posture also helps in alignment of the body and is great exercise for stretching hamstrings as well.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Twists)

Seated Twists, as the name suggests, is a universal yoga posture for improving the flexibility of spine, abdomens and oblique muscles. It is an ideal yoga asana for improving respiratory problems and promoting blood circulation while providing fat loss to the oblique muscles in a body.

Utthan Padasana (Ground Leg Raise)

The perfect yoga pose for restoration, Utthan Padasana is also the perfect yoga posture for relieving stomach acidity, and constipation. It also cures a backache, strengthens hamstrings and improves blood circulation in the whole body.

From today onwards, do not let your work keep you from keeping healthy and fit. Practice chair yoga and nurture your body and mind towards mental and physical well being.