Five Health Benefits of Performing the Bow Pose


Bow Pose or Dhanurasana is a popular Hatha Yoga pose, where ‘Dhanur’ stands for ‘Bow’ and ‘asana’ stands for ‘pose’. In the posture, the torso and upper part of the legs become the body of the bow, whereas the arms and the lower part of the legs become the ‘bowstring’. This prone position has been practiced for centuries and has been offering driving results to its practitioners. A heart-opening pose, it has the capability to engross the whole body in its grasp, which makes it so popular in the yoga fraternity. People with dropping or rounded shoulders, bad posture, and blocked heart chakra must practice the Bow Pose on a daily basis. Some other health benefits of performing this asana are:

Massages the Digestive Organs

As we enter into the posture completely, all of the body weight gets transferred to the abdomen area. This mild pressure starts to gently massage the internal organs and when we add deep breathing to it, the massaging motion gains momentum and creates further relaxation. Many practitioners have reported an enhanced bowel movement as well after performing this pose as it helps in detoxifying the kidneys, liver, and intestines.

Works with Lower back

The upward lift of the torso and the lower body which forms the base of the bow adds suppleness and flexibility to the spine. The subtle weight on the spine helps the practitioner to get a good stretch in the back which ultimately removes a backache. This pose is also prescribed to people suffering from the problem of slip-disc. The simple motion has a long reach when it comes to strengthening the entire back.

Stretches the entire body

If we look closely, each and every part of the body gets engaged in performing this posture. The front of the torso with the core and upper thighs becomes the body of the bow, while the lower legs are stretched up to meet the arms (which are also stretched) so as to form the string of the bow. The neck is lifted and the gaze goes to the ceiling. This whole movement makes the practitioner work up their entire body with the help of just one asana.

Helps in weight management

Weight management or obesity is one of the biggest concerns faced by us. Dhanurasana activates the entire body and removes lethargy by creating alertness which makes the practitioner agile and active. Lethargy is the biggest enemy of a healthy body. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the entire weight of the body is rested on the abdomen which helps in shedding the fat in the belly region. Many people practice Dhanurasana in conjunction with Sun Salutations and few other postures to achieve a slim physique.

Opens the chest and shoulders

Our sedentary lifestyle gives way to the continuous hunch of the shoulders that creates tightness and inflexibility. The motion of extending the arms backward to meet the toes stretches both, the shoulders and the chest. It is popularly referred to as the chest-opener or shoulder-opener pose. Just like a bow is arched handsomely and maintains a good posture, this asana also comes in handy to achieve a good posture, well-squared shoulders, and an erect chest.

Alleviates Other Diseases

As we have discussed previously that the posture helps to massage the abdomen, the pancreas, kidney, and liver, everything gets activated. While the pancreas is responsible for maintaining the blood sugar levels, this posture comes handy in controlling diabetes. Also, liver cleanses the body and with the help of the Bow Pose, a number of people have combated liver-related issues. Many other conditions like blood purification, maintaining heart health, activating the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands, etc., are also tapped by practicing it.

All of these factors combine to create a healthy body, a refined mind, and a whole soul. This is why, it would not be wrong to say that Bow Pose combats not just one, but several diseases.