Five Reasons Celebrate New Years In Kerala

The breathtaking greens of Kerala are weaved with blue lagoons and fresh backwaters, which make this town a pleasure for the eyes any time of the year. Blessed with a long list of attractions and things to do, god’s own country- Kerala is a jewel of Southern India endowed with its own distinct culture. While every time of the year (including monsoons) is a good time to unwind in the lap of nature here, New Year holds a special significance among its connoisseurs. Owing to its beach, palm trees, festivals, and enthusiastic local fervor, many people book tickets to this beauty in the month of December and January.

Here the five reasons to watch out for, if you are looking to visit Kerala in the month of January:

Attend The Cochin Festival:

Cochin Festival

Traditions come to life in Kerala and people enjoy adhering to the olden norms with all their heart and soul. The Cochin Festival originates at the hands of the Portuguese, who 500 years ago started the tradition of burning the statue of Pappanji or Santa. Celebrated on the beach of Fort Kochi, many people gather to witness this majestic event. The event is marked by many other big and small happenings like elephant procession, floor painting competition, tug of war, beach volleyball, and folk dances that are placed impromptu on the streets. With so much to do, the last week of December until the next day of the New Year, this celebration will be enough to hold you captive.

Join In An Ayurveda Course:

ayurvedic course in kerala

Health is wealth and if you are looking to live up to the resolution you have been making for your health every year, then why not come to Kerala and join in different programs on Ayurveda and Yoga. Kerala is considered to be the Mother of Ayurveda and January is the perfect time to start the lifelong journey to maintain good health. Enroll in yoga teacher training courses or ayurvedic retreats to learn the 5,000 year old techniques for maintaining good health and enjoy a balanced mind & body.

Witness The Thaipooya Mahotsavam:


During this annual festival, you can find the zest and devotion of the people of Southern India in full swing. A large procession of elephants on the street, where some might be conducting pageants can also be spotted in this month of the year. These beasts are caparisoned, decorated, painted, and covered with colorful clothes before they measure the streets in their long stride. Beasts become the beauty and people love this yet another flavor of celebration.

Spend Time On A Houseboat:


One of the best ways to spend new years is cruising in a ship. While this is too mainstream, how about celebrating it in the backwaters of Kerala tucked in a houseboat instead! The backwaters can be idealistically referred to as the Soul of Kerala. Book a cruise for as many days as you want and glide through the canals while you take a look into the green waves of this beach state.

Rejoice In The Pongal Celebration:


Pongal is one of the most renowned festivals from the Southern part of India and falls in the month of January. Continuing the mood of the festivities, the harvest festival signifies a good collection and a healthy harvest. The festival extends into a four-day event, where the Lord Indra is worshipped, the cattle are decorated and fed, and the women of the house pray for a good crop year and the health of the men in the family.

All these cultural events in the wake of New Year are perfect to start a new journey with a commitment to good health and well being.

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