The Health benefits of Navasana ( Boat Pose)



Sure, daily set of crunches work on your abdominal muscles but the navasana (boat pose) develops core strength. Isn’t this great? The definition of the core extends beyond the abdominal muscles in the system of yoga. B.K.S Iyengar says,” the physical body is a path that leads us to our core.” And, boat pose helps us achieve the same.

The process of synchronizing the body movements with the breath shall teach the postural doers about their attention, emotion, focus and their very true nature. Eventually, a simple looking boat pose penetrates beyond the abdominal muscles to the inner layers — The Self.

Here are the correct steps of performing the Navasana (Boat Pose) for strengthening the core of your being. Take a close look at the instructions:

1. Sit on a floor with legs straight in front of you. Strengthen the arms and place the hands on the hips.

2. Exhale, bend your knees and lift the feet few inches above the floor. Position the thighs at 45-degree angle to the ground.

3. Straighten your knees and lift the tips of the toes a little higher than your eye level. You can keep your toes flexed.

4. Extend the arms alongside the legs and keep them parallel to a yoga mat.

5. Initially, stay in this pose for 20 seconds and gradually increase the length of the time to 60 seconds.

6. Release the posture by bringing the legs down to the floor and arms by your body.

Practice the pose correctly and enjoy its many health benefits. Take a glance at the top benefits of boat pose:

1. Strengthens the Core: The navasana effectively works on the core. As you learn to balance your body on your hips you engage and stretch your abdominal muscles. Gradually, you shall notice a strong core and sharper abs. A strong core is a body’s powerhouse that protects the internal organs, nervous system, prevents injury, and makes you feel strong.

2. Improves Posture: Keep your posture erect and in good shape for years to come through a daily practice of boat posture. A tall, upright posture exudes strength. It gives an impression that a person is confident and in control of their life. Whereas a slumped body stance makes a person look defeated, and weak.

3. Perfects the Body Shape: Getting a beach-worthy body is a good motivation to delve into the science of yoga. The navasana facilitates stretching of the abdominal muscles and other organs that reduces unwanted body fat. The boat pose rewards sadhaks with a strong, healthy, and upright torso allowing you to feel good and rock the beach look.

4. Stabilizes wavering mind: A wandering mind shakes your inner firmness and makes you restless. Navasana is powerful in releasing the stress and stabilizing the wavering brain. Relaxed breathing and receded facial muscles make the brain calm, draw attention inwards, and help you find stability.

5. Relieves Bloating: During the practice of the boat pose, a pressure is applied to the internal organs that powerfully stimulates its working, especially the digestive system providing relief from bloating, acidity, and other digestion-related problems.

6. Increases Strength: Navasana has been recognized as a compact yoga posture that requires a practitioner to draw everything towards the center. The abdomen moves towards the spine, the shoulder blades move down to the chest, legs, and the arms stay firm. The involvement of all the body parts in a boat pose invigorates the person and leaves them feeling strong and supple.

7. Balances Root Chakra:
Bring your root chakra in a harmonious state by performing the navasana. A balanced Muladhara fosters feelings of security, safety, and growth in all aspects of life. It also makes a person feel lively and energetic.

8. Treat Diabetes: The paripurna navasana helps secrete the pancreatic juices thus regulating the functions of the pancreas and curing diabetes.

Each and every action of a navasana (boat pose) take the practitioners closer to their source of calm stillness.