The Health Benefits of Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)


Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana) is a basic foundation of good yoga practices. From forward hips, wide stances, and balances, the Virabhadrasana has it all.

The Warrior Yoga Pose (Virabhadrasana) is a great yoga asana to build strength, confidence, and body awareness. The pose has three variations, Warrior I, Warrior II, and Warrior III suitable for beginners and intermediate level yoga practitioners. In each Virabhadrasana, the practitioner performs the pose in a standing position, either in a lunge or on one leg. The arms are extended and leg muscles are active in all the variations. The warrior series challenge concentration and fuels up the fiery and brave side of a Yogi.

Here is a list of steps of Warrior-II (Virabhadrasana I). Follow the steps carefully for optimal results:

1. Stand tall on a yoga mat with feet-hip-width apart.
2. Exhale, spread the feet 3-4 inches apart. For support, place a blanket under the heel.
3. Bring the right foot out and place it on the outer edge of the mat. Turn the left foot inwards.
4. Upon exhalation, bend the right knee directly over the right ankle.
5. Raise your hands upward and keep the arms shoulder-distance apart.
6. Keep the left leg stretched behind.
7. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Precautions and Contradictions:

• Practitioners with shoulder injury should keep their extended arms either parallel or slightly wider than parallel to each other. Alternatively, students can rest the hands on the hips.
• Individuals facing neck problems should keep their head in a relaxing position and should avoid looking up towards the hands.
• Practitioners with high blood pressure and heart problems should practice the pose after consulting a doctor.

Build awareness and confidence with warrior pose in order to advance in your yogic journey. Find out the top benefits of warrior pose below:

1. Builds Strength: Warrior I is a great asana for strengthening the legs, feet, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Building robustness in these areas acts as a powerful driver for nearly all types of movements and athletic performances. For the physique-enhancement purpose, strong glutes are important for attaining high levels of muscle mass and low levels of body fat.

2.Teaches Body Awareness: An awesome pose that teaches body awareness and increases mind-body connection. The alignment of the pose: the rotation of the foot inwards combined with squaring of the hips, demands that the practitioner has a sense of perception as if the body is in space. This mental challenge develops concentration and an overall sense of physical connection with the self.

3. Develops Courage: As you perform the virabhadrasana I with one leg facing out to 90-degrees angle, posterior facing forward, the other leg at the back, and chest lifted, the pose assists in the opening of the heart and developing courage. The powerful stance gives you inner strength and courage to open to others.

4. Vitalizes the Body: As you hold the stance with stability and integrity, you make way for releasing the tension in the shoulders and neck. The releasing action of the pose works on a physical and mental level as well. The discharge of unnecessary worries relaxes and energizes the practitioner.

5. Good Blood Circulation: The regular practice of warrior I pose helps in maintaining a steady flow of blood throughout the body, especially in lower extremities. Poor blood circulation results in swelling, pain, and numbness in the legs.

6. Active Muscles: The warrior pose makes the muscles of the body active and alert that helps in fortifying the shoulder, arms, and back. Along with enhancing the physical appearance, strong shoulders and arms, it makes the movements easier, prevents injury, etc.

7. Increases Stamina: Virabhadrasana increases the physical and mental endurance of the practitioners. Physical stamina is one of several components used to evaluate the health and fitness of a person. Mental stamina is crucial for handling the difficult situations with strength, clarity, and confidence.

Warrior Pose helps a person appreciate the innate power and develops confidence in a being. So, go on and try out your favorite Virabhadrasana variation.