Holi Celebration at Rishikul Yoghsala


Indian culture is embedded with great festivals and celebrative modes, with Holi and Diwali being the most cherished festivals of Hinduism. Rishikul Yogshala every year celebrates all festivals with its students will grandeur and splendor. This year also the event started with a splash of colours and happiness, which led to a saga of unending laughter, chirps, mouth watering food, painted faces and much more.

The event picked when the clock struck 9 and all our members and students were brimming with enthusiasm and mirth. In no time the porch and the corridors were left spotted in bright blue, green and pink. No need to mention the faces of our staff members and students. In no time, everybody was looking for some rain dance fun, so we added water to the list of playfulness.

Holi celebration in Rishikul Yogshala

The fun doubled itself when the Indian festival Holi was accepted by the foreigners with open arms. Keeping up the tradition of Holi all the originals forms of entertainment were kept as they are and there was a blast of music too. From desi bollywood songs to latest pop numbers, we had it all. The occasion was enhanced by our guests and staff members initiative to be naughty and spare no one.

After the rain dance, music and colours it was time for some relishing dishes to satiate the hunger pangs. Hot pakoras, fried vegetables with spicy and tangy mint sauce was served as appetizers. From Indians to foreign students, everybody licked their fingers while the dug in the hot plates of Pakoras and other snacks.

The fun session lasted for 4-5 hours coming down to it’s much celebrated end at around 1:00 pm in the day time. While out international students got a glimpse of true Indian colours, they truly appreciated the Indian spirit and the way we celebrate our festivals. Last but definitely the most important, a lavish Lunch marked the end of the festival for us.