Reasons Why You Should Prefer Yoga Teacher Training in India


India, the most spiritual of places, not only known for its rich culture but also acknowledged for its traditional practices such as yoga and meditation. It is a place where yoga was originated and then developed. Sages, Sadhus and Yogis of India have done intensive study in yoga long before it was being studied as a philosophy or in the documented form in yoga teacher training classes. Therefore, the country offers an opportunity to learn yoga and its philosophy from its roots. Apart from this, the country’s natural environment and number of reputed Yoga Alliance approved yoga schools make this country an ultimate destination to learn yoga. Go through this post and discover why India is the most preferred place to learn yoga.

Yogic Roots

As mentioned above, roots of yoga lies here. The standards of yoga by which all forms of yogic practices measured are set here. You can find all forms of yoga in the depth only in India as each type of asanas and mudras are generated from a single root.

Traditional Yoga Gurus

The Yogic gurus of the country practice yoga from tender age and understand the basics of mudras and asanas. The precise and explicit yogic practice and techniques followed by them is eminent. The in-depth knowledge provided by them is incomparable and therefore, they offer best yoga teacher training. And this is one of the major reasons that people with keen and devoted enthusiasm, travel all across the globe to this part of the world to learn and master their yoga skill. All the credits and praise fall in the circle of these yoga gurus to keep the traditional and classical yoga alive. They have been preaching this divine service in various ashrams present all across the country.


Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Schools

Owing to their quality, most of the yoga schools in India are accredited with Yoga Alliance, an international certificate that proves the authenticity of the yoga teacher training school. These recognized institutes can provide their pupils with yoga instructor certification which could prove to be of great help to them in their future career prospects. The students can teach yoga in any part of the world through this certificate.

Environmental Factor

The demographics and environment of India has also played a vital role in widening this art of well-being. Almost most of the yoga teacher training institutes are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded and populous cities. Locations like Rishikesh, also known as ‘yoga capital of the world,’ are best to practice yoga because of pristine atmosphere. Such places render their devotees with clean and pure environment which not only calms them down from their regular stress but also make them amiable.

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Cost Effectiveness

In addition to the best training environment, India offers inexpensive and affordable yoga teacher training. Instead of thinking it as a business, the yoga gurus of the country promote this art of well being as a responsibility and for a holy cause. The yoga schools in India offer yoga teacher training at economic rates and provides complete yogic lifestyle, food and environment.

In conclusion, in India, you will get the best opportunity to concentrate and acquire the yoga teacher training completely.