Surprise Your Lover with Health Gift This Valentine’s Day!


14th February and Valentine’s Day! No doubt, it falls the same date every year! But there are millions of girlfriends, boyfriends and newly wedding couples scrambling till the last moment what to buy and what not!

Panic? Don’t be!

Facilitating those millions of last minute Valentine’s Day gift buyers, we have here compiled an easy guide for them.

Let the celebration begin!

Health being such an ignored aspect today in terms of gifting, we often do forget that nothing could serve much better and provide mutual happiness as the health gift does.

In the same spirit, we have here tried to make you acquainted with certain health gifts you may surprise your lover with. *Cheers*

Enrollment Coupon For Yoga Teacher Training Program – Let Him/Her Experience Serenity!

Your love is no less serene than yoga! Yes, we do agree! Enlightening the life and reviving the soul, an enrollment coupon for yoga teacher training program would not only surprise your lover but will also give him a pretext of spending time with nature out of this busy hectic life. Boosting up the love life, yoga has a lot more to offer. This gift is ideal for all those who prioritize health and have firm faith over yoga. Rishikul Yogshala, a yoga alliance certified institute, provides world class yoga teacher training. Do give a thought!

Facilitate Your Lover With Meditation Opportunity – Let The Soul Do The Talking!

Do you often find your lover stressed and perplexed? Mediation is the solution! The busy city life and plethora of responsibilities on one’s shoulders often stresses and kills the spirit to live. Rishikul Yogshala provides an opportunity this Valentine’s Day to rejuvenate your lover’s body and soul both spiritually and physically. Meditating in the serene atmosphere amidst hills and mountains not only sound romantic but will also make your soul experience total comfort and tranquility.

Revive Your Body Organs With Massages and Spa – Let Him/Her Re-Experience The Life!

Massages and Spa – WOW!!! They not only work by rejuvenating your whole body but also provide an untouched element of beauty and grace. Spa and massages when performed by professionals so the your body and comfort it incomparably. In the same spirit, 14th Feb can be chosen for this wonderful experience with Rishikul Yogshala. Girls love it and boys can’t afford to miss it. What can be more perfect gift than this one? Give a thought!