Top 10 Excellent benefits of Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)



Many individuals have been practicing the glorious art of yoga for ages across the globe and they all have been nurturing good health and well-being. A vigorous physique, peaceful mind, and lively soul, it’s no surprise that the science of yoga is one of the most powerful and mindful forms of exercise. And, for several entities, a regular yoga practice is incomplete without the performance of an iconic downward-facing dog pose ( Adho Mukha Svanasana).

Adho Mukha Svanasana is the signature yoga asana of a yoga practice. Even people who do not delve in the practice of yoga have probably heard about this amazing yoga posture and the ones who take up yoga on a daily basis get to hear and practice this a dozen of times! It’s a centerpiece of sun salutation series and serves as a strengthening pose, inversion, relaxing yoga posture that leaves you feeling clearer inside and vibrant outside.

But how often do you dig into a downward-facing dog posture and really allow it to nourish and transform your body? The adho mukha svanasana has many health benefits and deservedly one of the most recognized and practiced yoga postures.

Here is a list of the top ten excellent benefits of adho-mukha svanasana:

1. Stretches and opens the back of the legs: Walking, running, standing– are some of the activities that we perform throughout the day and it brings tensions to the back of our legs. It is the leading cause for tight hamstrings and calf muscles. The downward facing dog is a great posture for opening the back of the legs and provides a rejuvenating stretch to the legs.

2. Increases Blood Supply to the Brain: Downward-Facing dog is a basic inversion and is best suited for beginner level yoga practitioners. During the performance of this pose, the head is aligned below the heart that helps bring blood flow to the brain.  An increased blood supply to the brain nutrifies the brain cells that improves focus, calms the mind, and re-charges the body.

3. Stronger Bones: Adho-Mukha Svanasana works as a weight-bearing yoga posture that assists in building stronger muscles, greater bone density, and strengthens the upper extremities. Having a muscular body not only enhances your personality but is vital in preventing the risk of osteoporosis. It’s good to practice downward-facing dog posture to tones the wrists, engage the rotator cuff that we normally don’t do in everyday life.

4. Lengthens the Spine: The friction you get from planting your feet and pressing the hands strongly into the yoga mat is one of the best ‘spine elongation’ tools, which the practice of downward-facing dog pose offers. By coming into an upside down position, you reverse the downward pressure on the spine that gently re-aligns the vertebra in a natural way. Also, by stretching and lengthening the spine, you bring more oxygen to the body.

5. Corrects the Slumpy Posture: The constant hunching over the desktop screens leads to a poor posture and a backache that many of us suffer from. Luckily, the downward dog serves as a powerful antidote to the slumpy posture. It effectively opens up the anterior chest wall, rounded shoulders, and provides relief from neck pain that occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle. It heals the body on many levels.

6. Strengthens the arms: The Downward dog is an awesome posture for increasing strength in the upper body in general and, especially reinforcing the arms. When you press your arms into the ground and roll your shoulder blades away from the ears, you get a powerful muscular engagement throughout the entire arm, which in turn, builds stamina in the arms.

7. Healthy Skin: Toss the expensive makeup products, chemicals and practice adho-mukha svanasana for a healthy skin and youthful radiance. The enhanced blood flow to the face rejuvenates the skin and results in a clear, glowing, and brighter complexion.

8. Relieves Stress: Perform downward-facing dog pose on a daily basis and get relief from stress, anxiety, and worries. The elevated blood flow to the brain nurtures and calms the mind. It also alleviates headaches, insomnia, and mental fatigue.

9. Prevents injury at the feet: Downward-facing dog provides a powerful stretch in the ankles and calves. It also strengthens the various muscles in the foot and protects from injuries. Activities like walking, running, etc., require feet that can conform to the ground quickly and can transfer weight effectively, the downward dog helps you get that.

10. Tones the Waist: Everyone wishes for a slim, toned waist, and adho-mukha svanasana is a natural way to get that. As you hold yourself in a downward position, you actively engage your core region, abdominal muscles, and the waistline.

Reap the spectacular benefits of downward facing dog pose by practicing the posture regularly and correctly. Make your way towards a vivid and healthy living.