Top 10 Health benefits of Balasana (Child Pose)

child pose


Whether you are scrambling to meet the growing demands of a fast-paced living or just finding it hard to make time for rest, the overworked body and exhausted mind take a toll on your mood, mental sharpness, and the ability to produce productive output. In such scenarios, the practice of child pose seems to be the answer to all your difficulties.

The Balasana (child pose) is an extensively rejuvenating yoga posture that provides the way to loosen up tensed muscles and refreshes a stressful mind after a long, sweaty day. The pose has nourishing and nurturing abilities that revive the health and wellness of the practitioners. A nice resting yoga asana at the end of the tiring day to unwind all the problems of life.

The following paragraph details out the instructions for performing a child pose (Balasana)

Reach on your fours on a yoga mat. Bring the toes of your feet together and sit back on your heels. Now, separate your knees wider than your hips. Exhale, slowly lean your torso in a forward direction and drape it between the thighs. Narrow down your hips so that they nestle between the inner thighs. Lengthen your tailbone. Rest your hands alongside your torso with palms in upward direction and shoulders released towards the floor. Stay in this pose for 60 seconds.

Given below are the ten health benefits of child pose that anyone can reap through a regular practice of the yoga posture.

1. Stress Therapy: There is no better or natural method to release stress than the performance of child pose. A relaxing yoga asana that provides the golden opportunity to release all the tensions and to enliven the soul. A regular practice of child pose therapeutically releases stress, fatigue, and depression.

2. Release the Hip: Many people complain about tight hips that is mainly because of constant sitting in a particular place for prolonged hours. Do you wish to know the solution to this problem? Well, everyone dealing with this problem wants to. The child pose has the innate ability to relax the hip joints and to loosen up the tight muscles in and around the hips.

3. Relax the shoulders: Apart from the many health benefits the thing that makes the child pose so interesting and enjoyable to practice is the modifications and the variations. While practicing the Balasana there are two ways you can place your arms and shoulders as per your convenience and each position relaxes and benefits the arms and shoulders greatly.

4. Alleviate Sacroiliac Pain: If you perform the restoration version of the child pose, one modified with the yoga props such as pillow and bolsters placed between the thighs and lower legs, you shall be able to relieve the pain around the sacroiliac area. The practice of balasana with correct alignment also helps reduce the sacroiliac pain.

5. Treat Disk Problem: If you are suffering from slip disc, degenerative disc or herniated disc then consider doing child pose. The practice of balasana is effective in treating the disk-related problem effectively and in a painless manner. It is always advisable to consult a doctor about the nature of the disk problem before taking up the practice of yoga for best results.

6. Reduces Back Pain: An easy, cost-effective, and tested method of reducing radiating back pain. Support your torso and neck on a yoga prop and discharge your back pain. The consistent practice shall provide you a long-lasting relief from a backache.

7. Addresses facet joint problems: For several individuals, the main cause of a backache is facet joint problems and child pose is the holistic answer to this problem. The Balasana soothes the irritated facet joints.

8. Stretches the spine: Stretch and strengthen your spine with Child Pose. It actively lengthens the lower back muscles, enhances flexibility in the spine, and promotes good health of the building block of a back–the spine.

9. Enhances Blood Circulation: The child pose improves the flow of blood throughout the entire body and enhances the supply of nutrients which keeps the body organs at their optimal health. Healthy organs in return keep the person healthier.

10. Rejuvenates the Body: A practice of Balasana deeply rejuvenates a person’s body, mind, and soul and infuses him with the strength to carry on the day.

Take on the practice to reap the amazing benefits of Balasana (Child Pose) and transform into a robust being. Make sure you never miss a day.