Top 5 Excellent benefits of Advasana (Reverse Corpse Pose)


In the entire lifespan, we often come across stressful situations that are uncomfortable and painful. However, as we continue to live with persistent stress, it starts to spoil the physical health, peace of mind, liveliness of the soul, and tarnishes the whole health. Prolonged stress attacks us in a number of tangible and intangible ways like insomnia, poor digestive health, weaker immune system, etc.

Stress physically manifests in the form of continual fatigue. We simply feel drained out. Physical exhaustion can be treated with adequate rest, but mental exhaustion induced by stress requires more than just some physical rest. It demands a tool that is powerful in reducing anxiety, in negating the feelings of being drowsy all the time, and in transforming the overwhelming feeling of nothingness.

The Advasana (Reverse Corpse Pose) widely regarded as the relaxation pose of the yogic science is the best method to trust and adopt for holistically curing the physical and mental exhaustion. A deeply resuscitating pose that stretches the muscles of the body, alleviates pain from the body parts, and centers the mind of a practitioner. An essential pose to prevent tiredness and to gain control over the stressful feelings.

Before we throw light on the benefits of advasana pose, let’s first see the steps and precautions of practicing the pose. The right techniques shall yield maximum and favorable output.

1. Lie straight on a yoga mat with face towards the floor.
2. Keep your legs a few inches apart and extend your arms in front.
3. Fold the hands in a “ Namaste” position.
4. Comfortably rest the forehead on the floor and close your eyes.
5. Breathe deeply, let go off all the stress, and relax your body.
6. Stay in this pose for 5 minutes and gently come out of the pose.


1. Some people may find it difficult to breathe while lying on the stomach. Place a pillow below your chest to prevent     breathlessness.
2. Try to keep the body still and avoid too much movement.
3. Do not practice this pose in a distracting environment as it will disturb you and your practice.

Make a note of these top five health benefits of Advasana:

1. Excellent for the Back: Reverse Corpse Pose is a wholesome solution for a backache, neck stiffness, lower back pain, etc. Advasana is really effective in releasing tension, restoring the range of motion, and stabilizing the back and neck muscles. The pose provides a good stretch to the upper body muscles and strengthens them thus reducing the chances of slip disc and other related disorders.

2. Therapeutic For Anxiety: Anxiety has become so commonplace that a majority of us have started to live with it by neglecting it. However, it internally damages our health and well-being. Fortunately, the reverse corpse pose can help us. The advasana proactively counteracts the experiences of depression, mental tension, etc., and assists in keeping the entities sentient.

3. Rejuvenates the Abdominal Organs: A regular practice of reverse corpse pose aids in a better functioning of the abdominal organs. It effectively works on the digestive system, enhances the health of intestines, and results in proper digestive activities. The posture is valuable in increasing the appetite of the practitioners.

4. Relief from Stooping Shoulders: Correct the stooping shoulder syndrome by stepping on a yoga mat and performing the advasana. The reverse corpse pose fixes the muscular imbalance and lengthens the muscles of the upper body. A dedicated practice shall help you get rid of the rounded shoulders and its negative impact.

5. Opens the Ajna: The reverse corpse pose stimulates the third eye chakra– the ajna. Seated between the eyebrows, ajna is the energy center of superior mental consciousness. An activated ajna fosters a feeling of spiritual connection and psychical clarity.

Perform the natural relaxing technique through the Reverse Corpse Pose and elevate your life towards peacefulness and wellness.