Top 7 Health benefits of Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana, Triangle Pose


Trikonasana, the standing pose is one of the most customary Yoga asanas. Because of its immense health, mind, and spiritual benefits, people perform it more often than they perform any other pose. Trikonasana is made of two different Sanskrit words- ‘trikon’, meaning three angles and ‘asana’, meaning pose, owing to which it is also known as Triangle pose.

Steps to Practice: Steps of this pose are quite simple. Stretch the legs apart from each other taking a deep breath and try to touch the left feet with the left hand keeping both the arms in a straight line. The same is repeated on the other side. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.

Now, let’s look at the top 7 excellent benefits of Trikonasana (Triangle Pose):

Relief from Back and Neck pain

Trikonasana is one of the best therapies for problems such as a backache and neck pain. While bowing down during the asana, it stretches the spine and neck bone and further strengthens them. Although it provides a deep stretch to the entire body, the pose takes special care of the backbone and neck. A regular practice of Triangle pose can open up your spine and provide the much-needed relief from back and neck problems. At the beginning of the practice, one might find it difficult but as the practice goes on, it becomes a habitual task.

Strengthens thighs and legs muscles

For the body parts below the abdomen, Trikonasana is an extremely beneficial healing practice. First, it provides balance to the legs, thighs, and knees as the whole body operates in various positions on the feet. Elongating the thigh muscles, the pose strengthens and tones the muscles. It also makes the hip joints, knee joints, and ankle joints flexible and strong. After a physical workout, many people feel pain in these intersections which can be improved by a regular practice of Trikonasana.

It is an energy-giving pose

Whenever one feels a lowering of energy in the body, it is highly recommended to practice the Triangle pose. Whether you are a working professional struggling with the lengthy project or a student preparing for board examination, make this pose your own to feel completely vitalized. The best part about this asana is that it can be performed anywhere in minimal space, one just needs to stretch the legs, tumble down in Trikonasana, and repeat it 4-5 times.

It improves body balance and confidence

Trikonasana is an ultimate solution for a better physical framework. Yoga teachers across the globe recommend this pose for enhancing the body balance. As it is a physical practice, stamina and strength are at its core. But the point to be noticed during the postures is that the entire body dances on the legs which provide stability to the body. Apart from this, when you have a better fit and a balanced body, confidence emerges automatically.

Trikonasana is a fat-burning pose

One of the major health issues of this generation is Obesity. Fats are the prime source of almost all the diseases in the body, Ayurveda advocates. The Triangle pose has proved to be a lethal weapon against those extras kilos that the body owns undesirably. A constant workout during Trikonasana propels the body to sweat. Also, it works on the abdomen fats to keep the body in good shape.

Improves Blood circulation

Trikonasana provides a complete exercise to the whole body along with stimulating the flow of blood within the body. During the pose, the brain position comes below the heart, which provokes a better circulation in the skull area leading to an improved concentration and intelligence. Perfection in blood and body communication helps in keeping the diseases at bay. Furthermore, breathing plays an important role in Trikonasana and thus it also betters the breathing skills.

Improves Digestion

Trikonasana influences the digestive system by enlivening the digestive fires. It helps balance the body constitution as well.

Other Important Benefits of Triangle Pose

It is also a powerful tool for stress management and maintains equilibrium between the mind and body. Regular practitioners of this pose have a very low chance of lower back pain, Migraine, and Depression. Swami Satyananda Saraswati professes some other very significant advantages of Trikonasana which include stimulation of nerve impulses, nourishing of the pelvis, and harmonizing the reproductive organs. In addition, it opens up the muscles of the chest, hamstrings, shoulders, and calves lending a full flexibility and strength to the body on the whole.

Trikonasana benefits cannot be enclosed within a boundary. Those who practice this asana can feel a wide range of advantages the Triangle pose holds. From physical to spiritual benefits and from curing various disorders to revitalizing the body with its recharging power, the Triangle pose is benefitting the globe with its enormous potential. But keeping special care of the alignment is the need of the asana. Trikonasana strictly prohibits competition with others. Improve the posture with a regular practice, not by following somebody.