Top 7 Health benefits of Vrksasana ( Tree Pose)

Vrksasana ( Tree Pose)


According to the sacred Indian literature, a tree is a creature of patience, strength, and humbleness, and a symbol of the celestial link between the God and an individual. Similarly, vrksasana gives you the opportunity to unity your body-mind with the beauty of nature by firming your feet(roots) into the ground and reaching your limbs higher.

Firmly planting the feet and assimilating the body to find balance develops a spiritual acceptance within. An elegant yoga posture that tremendously builds inner and outer strength and a sense of accomplishment when you bring your life into an equipoise.

Getting into the pose:

1. Begin in Tadasana. Join your feet together and evenly distribute the weight across the right and left feet.

2. Firmly press the feet into the ground.

3. Shift the weight on your left leg. Rotate your right leg and plant the sole on the left thigh below the knee.

4. When you feel steady, raise your arms overhead parallel to each other or fold them in prayer mudra in front of the chest.

5. Draw your shoulders away from the ears and relax them.

6. Gaze firmly at a fixed point in front of you.

7. Remain in this posture for 30 seconds or more.

8. To exit, bring the arms by the side of the body. Lower the right leg and stand in Mountain Pose.

Here is a list of best seven health benefits of vrksasana:

1. Tranquilizes the brain: If you are having a frenetic week and yearn for some peace then turn towards the science of yoga. Practice the tree pose along with relaxed breaths and calm the whirling mind. Regular practice of the pose curbs anxiety and promotes relaxation. The posture also balances the sympathetic nervous activities.

2. Strengthens the legs: Tree yoga posture is by far the best natural method of increasing strength in the lower body: legs, ankles, and feet. Balancing the body on one leg builds tremendous strength in the legs helping you to fight recurrent back pain and other issues. Strength in ankles and feet is highly crucial for the runners. Strengthening the soles is vital for treating the problem of plantar fasciitis.

3. Enhances Focus: Vrksasana is very well known to enhance focus, concentration, and confidence in people by encouraging them to look at a fixed point during the performance of an asana. By fostering better confidence, the pose creates a more positive self-esteem. The improved focus enables you to concentrate on the tasks better and increases your productivity.

4. Lengthens the Organs: Lifting the chest and dropping the shoulders away from the ears stretches the spine from the top to the tail making you look taller and smart. The lifting of the leg stretches the inner thighs, hips, and relieves sciatic pain over time. The lifting of a leg is highly effective for the pelvic and sacroiliac health improving the spine and the overall body posture.

5. Amplifies Flexibility: Naturally, improve flexibility in the legs through Vrksasana. Flexible legs amplify joint mobility, reduce the risk of injury, and help in the day -to -day activities. A dedicated practice of tree pose yields amazing results in the length, flexibility, and provide a lightness in the legs aiding in a robust lifestyle.

6. Fosters Balance: Practice the steady, deep-rooted tree yoga posture that bestows you with the strength and balance to face the difficult times with ease. Perform this yoga posture and experience tree’s profound calmness that keeps you steady in every situation.

7. Energize the body: With the hands at the heart center and smooth breathing, the tree pose relaxes and energizes the mind-body of a practitioner. It makes the person active and vibrant helping them lead a more blissful life.

Savor the benefits of tree pose through a regular practice and embrace a balanced living.