Ways to Meditate by Bringing the Breath in Control


It is only when the mind is quieted that the words from the soul could be heard and that is the most important spiritual purpose of human life. The soul or the Self in Yoga philosophy is regarded as the body of light which is unaffected by the changes all around. However, the Self remains covered in most by a veil of darkness. This imagery of darkness is to denote the negativities and repressed desires clouding over our thoughts which often results into base instincts and vices.

To bring out the soulful part of you that is pure light, you need to drive away the veiling darkness. Meditation is the journey inwards on a quest to find this Self and become one with it. In yogic practices, the breath is made central to meditation. The yogi becomes an observer of her own breath and in the process, journeying inwards:

Sama Vritti:

Sama means equality and Vritti is tendencies. This exercise is purported to build equanimity in the practitioner. They must develop equality to everything in vision and other sensibilities. They must be calm and resolute in their stand irrespective of the goings-on in the external world.

meditation with cow - sama vritti

Meditate upon this thought by bringing equal balance in your inhalation and exhalation. Count four breaths while you inhale and four while exhaling. Be an observer to these equally poised breaths and remember to bring this balance in everything you do.

Breathing through Diaphragm:

The masters of yoga say that it is possible to bring control even upon the innermost organs of your body through meditation. The first step is to become aware of the minutest details around and inside you. This can be achieved by deep breathing.

diaphragm breathing

Go beyond the surface level with breathing through the diaphragm. Feel your breath entering your body with each heaving movement of your chest. Focus your mind on this breath and channel it more inside to the abdominal depths of your body. It is the strength of your will which takes effect, intensify it.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

After gaining certain mastery over breath balancing, condition your breathing pattern to the alternative. Inhale through one nostril by keeping a finger over the other and breathe out through that one while blocking the former.

 Alternate Nostril Breathing

Focus your mind upon the two channels as you respire and strive to bring balance in the opposite and contradictory forces inside you. This exercise is effective for immediate relaxation during times of distress.

Successive Focus Meditation:

Your mind can be a powerful tool if used methodically. Try focusing all your energy object-specifically while meditating. Come to a restful position, closing your eyes and slowing your breath in a silent room. Now bring each little part of your body under the focusing scanner of your mind.

meditation classes in rishikesh

Just like a camera can zoom in on singular objects, one at a time in a vast landscape, so can your mind. Enhance your mental capacity by exercising it through object-specific meditation.