6 Great Yoga Asanas for Your Heart



Looks like yoga has a sustainable solution for everything, from faltering peace of mind to an ailing heart, you only have to push yourself into an everyday happy yogic practice. The bare truth is today, there is no telling when your cardiac health hits a low point. You could be in your early twenties or late fifties but modern lifestyle characterized by stress, zero nutrition convenience food, and unchecked sedentary living takes its toll. That’s when yoga needs to be incorporated into your daily routine to repel the negative effects of wrongful living, setting you on the path of health and happiness naturally!Start with the 6 following select asanas of yoga for heart care:

Tadasana- The Mountain Pose

This is a strength-building yoga asana for the vertebral column and the heart. It is simple and doable for yogis of all levels but one of its main cruxes is upon intensifying the breath with the movements. Here is how to do it:

• Pressing your weight upon the balls and arches of your feet evenly stand with your hands by your side.

• Engaging the quadriceps, draw up your thighs, then tucking in your tailbone lift up on the frontal part of your toes.

• Keeping your hips evenly in sync with the center line of your body, release your buttocks and come back down on the ball of your feet.

• Elongate your torso as you breathe in while lifting up and relax your shoulder blades when pressing back down.

This yoga for heart blockage in the morning will release all the pent up tension from your mind and body preparing you for a fresh day ahead.

Vrikshasana- The Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Neatly following from the mountain pose you can slip into vrikshasana. This posture works on the shoulders opening up your chest for drawing in more oxygen, keeping your heart happy.

• Stand yourself firmly on your two feet, rooting down to the floor with strength and confidence

• As you draw in a big gush of breath letting this yoga for heart blockage take effect, lift one leg to touch the foot horizontally to the thigh of the other leg.

• Fix your hands on the hips with your tailbone tucked and relax from this tightened position as you bring the lifted foot back down with a breath let out.

• Reverse this by lifting the other foot.

Uttha Hastapadasana- The Extended Hands and Feet Pose


Hand to feet pose
This one is for boosting focus and effectively shedding some weight giving the heart some respite.

• Stand in Tadasana, lifting your elbows shoulder high and by bringing your fingertips closed at your chest, lift and open your chest with generous breaths

• Turn your feet making them come to a parallel to each other

• Hold in the position for a few breaths, feeling this yoga for heart blockage sweeping down you in a relaxing sensation through your entire body

Trikonasana- The Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

This is a chest opening posture good as a yoga for heart blockage which also effects a deep stretch of the hamstrings and calves in the process.

• Stand erect and tall on the mat with careful attention to breath, then keeping the kneecap of one leg in alignment with its ankle, turn the leg to a straight 90 degree.

• Pivot your hip downwards with arms outstretched and try to touch the tip of one hand to the turned leg.

• Repeat this on the other side with the other leg and hand.

Veerabhadrasa- The Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose
This posture is designed to build focus, power, and stability in the chest as well as in the hips, creating activity in the joints.

• Stand in the mountain position with feet hip-distance apart and let your thoughts settle.

• Turn one foot to 90 degree and raise your hands jointly to the sky as you inhale creating a lift through the heart

• Exhale as you come back to the centered mountain position and repeat this with the other toe

Marjariasana- The Cat Pose


The cat pose is a good one to bring flexibility in the spine and warm the body, giving a good stretch to the back, torso, and neck and softly stimulating the abdominal organs.

• Come down on the mat on all fours, forming a table top with your back as the arms remain perpendicular.

• Push your navel downward and tuck out your tailbone, then raise your chin to a steep degree.

• Now from your back in an arch and move up keeping your legs and arms like a stand as they were.

Armored with the knowledge of these asanas, go right ahead and start your happy heart yoga routine!