India is the birthplace of Yoga, a science as old as 5000 years, an art as old as the existence of mankind. With the origination of yoga, arrived the legacy and honor of being celebrated as the land of spirituality, fitness and purity of the soul. We have not looked back ever since. The preaching of Yoga has been in the existence since the inception and the journey continues. Today, there are several yoga centers in India which offer training and practice of yoga in various parts of the country. When a soul sets out in search for yoga teacher training, it roams everywhere to find that special place where the attainment and knowledge of yoga becomes a recognized reality.

India is an abode of several yoga ashrams in nearly every part of it. Located within some of the most picturesque locations and unique in every sense is the 200hrsyogattc . The 200hrsyogattc is a center for Yoga which provides more than just teaching of yoga, it offers an experience far beyond it. Being one of the best yoga ashrams in India, the center is recognized for its yogic teachings and philosophy, and practice and learning of yoga under the esteemed guidance of certified yoga experts. It is renowned for its yogic lifestyle where the students learn to imbibe the meaning of yoga and Ayurveda, and much more.

The 200hrsyogattc offers its programs in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world– Rishikesh, Kerala and Nepal. A soul who is dedicated to the science of yoga and aims to further their knowledge and practice of yoga, a soul who wants to spread the knowledge of yoga by becoming a recognized yoga teacher should look no further than joining our yoga ashram. Their quest for yoga teaching and practice concludes with 200hrsyogattc . The choice of location is entirely up to the yogi. They can select from any of these locations depending upon their feasibility and taste.

Yoga Center in Rishikesh
Escape to the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh and experience life like you have never experienced before. Get encapsulated by the beauty of Himalayas surrounding you like a cocoon. Experience a tranquil experience by the bank of river Ganges. Take a refreshing dip into its holy water and make your yoga practice even more scintillating. Go on planned excursions with your loved ones to some of the most indulgent spots in the city. Experience the yoga and Ayurveda delight – live a true organic lifestyle. Participate in the world famous Aarti by the bank of river Ganges and engulf yourself in the spiritual mantra chanting by the glimmering diya lights.


Learn and practice yoga while overlooking the serene beauty of mountains. Live a life where there are no distractions and no sound, except for the melodious music of nature. Enroll into the 200 hour Yoga TTC’s training program and dwell in the luscious valley of Rishikesh where time holds no bounds, where life recreates its true meaning.

Yoga Center in Kerala
Those who are cruising towards the Southern part of India are strongly advised against missing out on visiting Kerala, the southern center for yoga and the emerald gem of south India. With resplendent back waters, tropical beaches, clear blue skies, Kerala is vouched for its natural beauty and organic excellence. The place offers a truly divine experience for yoga learning and meditation. Also the birthplace of Ayurveda, Kerala is the root land of several species herbs and spices of inexplicable benefits.


The 200 hours yoga TTC program in Kerala is packed with yoga teacher training and practice along with the knowledge of Ayurveda. The classes are conducted under the guidance of certified yoga experts. Here, one not only practices yoga and meditation, but also gets to learn about the science of Ayurveda. This knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda together becomes an immortal boon and helps a person skillfully design and live the healthiest lifestyle.

Yoga Center in Nepal
Nepal is renowned for its wide-eyed ethereal locations, spiritualistic lifestyle, some of the world’s most adventurous spots, world’s largest peak, snow capped mountains and a soothing sub-tropical climate. Owing to its breathtaking and serene presence, Nepal has been a source of inspiration for several yogis. One who comes here experiences a rich meditative state and a yogic awakening that is truly life-transforming. The place makes you forget any troubles and tantrums of life and further inspires you to explore life beyond its superficial barriers. Getting an opportunity to practice and learn the most spiritual art form here is truly rewarding.


The yoga teacher training program conducted by 200hrsyogattc here invites you with such an opportunity to come explore Yoga in one of the most scenic and spiritually inspiring destinations of the world, Nepal. Awake the adventurer in you by trekking some of the highest peaks or exploring some of the wildest adventure sports. Enjoy a spiritualistic excursion to the gompas, Buddhist temples and reminisce the beauty of life. Or, enjoy a day of serenity and self-reflection by the gorgeous lake of Pokhara. The place fills you with yogic magic, spiritual, physical, as well as, visual delight. Attaining a yoga teacher training at our yoga center in Nepal is a distinctively gratifying experience.