5 Yoga Poses for Travelers


Hitting the road or being in an airplane for hours can be tiresome. Many people find it limiting to be in a cramped airplane and experience tight hamstrings, lower backache, and other issues. Yoga, a subtler art form, which does not require any weights or big machineries like that in a gym, can be taken anywhere in the world. All you need is a yoga mat and sometimes not even that in order to conduct your practice.

Yoga for travelers has evolved manifolds and many people find a great deal of respite in practicing yoga even if it is a merely 10 to 20 minutes in a day. There are innumerable yoga poses for travelers and it would not take a great deal of time to practice these in order to combat the symptoms of long hours of sitting, sore feet, aching lower back, etc.

Here are some of the yoga poses for travelers:

Downward Dog Pose

One of the most commonly used poses, Downward Dog Pose has all the reason to be popular, especially among the travelers. The simple reason is the muscles that are involved in the pose are all affected during traveling. It includes, hamstrings, calve muscles, pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, etc. Adding this pose in your yoga for travelers series will make the practitioner enjoy the whole series even more.

Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee Pose

Working on the hamstring, the spine, the neck and the sides of the body, the head to knee is highly beneficial as a yoga poses for travelers. Whether you are practicing this pose in a seated or a standing format, this poses tones the body and reverses the effects of eating junk food. It stretches the body and elongates a number of cramped muscles along with this it is also a semi inverted yoga pose for travelers, which makes it therapeutic in nature as well.

Corpse Pose

corpse pose

Traveling around can be tiring and exhausting. Corpse Pose or Savasana is a great tool to overcome the same issues as it is said that the Corpse Pose is highly beneficial in increasing the energy levels of the practitioners. Also, an anxious mind can be calmed with a regular practice of this yoga pose for travelers as it helps in overcoming insomnia and fatigue.

Legs up the Wall Pose

Legs Up The Wall Pose

Another restorative asana, this simple pose in yoga for travelers series can be useful for many people. The semi-inverted nature of this asana, makes it perfect to calm the mind, as it increases the oxygen levels in the brain thereby reducing brain fogging. Also, the reverse flow of blood from the feet to the heart gets supported because the heart is placed below the feet. This makes this pose one of the favorites out of the lot.

Garland Pose

Garland posture

Garland Pose is yet another effective yoga pose for travelers in the long list of hip opening poses. The simplicity of this pose eludes the practitioner from its benefits, but the squatting position is highly efficient in opening the groin area, reducing back ache, aiding bowel movement, enhancing digestion, increasing metabolism, and in keeping the pelvic joint healthy.

Practice all of these five yoga poses in the series of yoga poses for travelers in addition to some other yoga poses if you are willing to add. Some practitioners often add sun salutations with these poses as it is on their preferred list of traveling yoga practitioners.

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