Yoga Posture and Sequence for Before, After, and During Travel


Bags packed and all set to head out on an adrenalizing getaway some place far? Ask your body whether it is ready to absorb such thrills and keep pace with the demands of living outside the comfort zone. The wear and tear of being out there on the road, exposed to the heat and dust could be very challenging without preparation.

Ready yourself inside-out for the unpredictability and adventure of travel with yoga for before, after and during the journey. Know a few postures you can perform when you wake up each morning for a day full of action, and some for relaxing your battered muscles post action. In between, there will be stiff joints and headaches to battle, while staying seated in cramped spaces for hours on end.

Try out the following:

  • Upavistha Konasana for Gearing Up

Let out all the negativity and apprehension off your system before starting out, with the seated-side-angle posture. Take the floor and extend your legs in the front in the staff pose or Dandasana, slowly widen them out sideways, forming a 90 degree angle with the hipline, and slowly lean back.

Upavistha Konasana pose

Concentrate your will on the goals of your forthcoming journey as you breathe in and out, stretching out your hands forming a horizontal alignment with your legs stretched sideways and bend forwards. This will open up your hips and release your pent-up anxiety. Repeat slowly several times immunizing yourself to the challenges that lay before you.

Postures for Smooth Air Travel:

The ordeal of travelling by flight is one of the most exhausting aspects of a journey. Long queues, complications of ticketing, managing luggage, and time-management can take the joy out of the whole experience. Free yourself from stress by following the sequence:

  • Seated Spinal Twist

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Spread out your yoga mat in the lobby and start in the “staff posture”, bend your right knee and place the right foot on the other side of the stretched left limb. Give this posture some support by clutching your bent knee with your hands. Now, slowly twist your upper body to the right and breathe mindfully, reminding yourself what a beautiful world is waiting at the other side of this flight.

  • Shoulder, Back and Neck Stretch

Shoulder, Back and Neck Stretch

Don’t let cramped seating spaces bother you. Once you have took off, keep  de-stressing your shoulder, back and, neck muscles from time to time by cross-body arm stretch, angular neck stretch and, low-back hand clasp.

Post-Travel Grounding Yoga Exercise:

Whether you are travelling for thrill, business or pleasure, an immediate outcome of completing a journey is the rush of high flowing energy. Suddenly, you will be driven by an urge to do more. While this is a very positive result, you should be aware of remaining grounded to your present and priorities and not get carried away. Remain calm and grounded by performing the following:

  • Supta Padangusthasana

Supta Padangusthasana

Lie down connecting yourself to the ground. Lift your leg skywards with your fingers interlaced on your up-stretched thigh. Your fingers centered on your hamstring muscles, and the pelvis rooted in the ground, you can finally feel yourself getting back in tune with regular life after long days of travel. Breathe deep and feel yourself easing.

  • Sphinx Posture


Follow the above with this posture connecting your stomach to the ground. Feel the floor underneath as you lie down face down with your arms outstretched. Now, place your forearms by the side and slowly lift yourself from the ground, breathing in deeply. Fall back to the floor submitting yourself, stay there for a few breaths and, repeat.

Complete your travel diary with yoga experience, helping you stay energized, relaxed and grounded the whole time. Realize your inner strength increasing with yoga and thus be the tough traveler you are meant to be.

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