Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

OVERVIEW:         Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

DATE:                   On 7th Every Month

LOCATION:          Jonk Village, Swaragashram, Rishikesh, India

Price:                    1500 USD single Room or 1350 USD shared Room
                             *Prices include accommodation, food and excursion

REGISTRATION:   Secure your spot with a 200 USD deposit via our payment page.

Escape to beautiful Rishikesh, India and allow yourself to become immersed in vibrant culture and colour. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, make friends with the captivating monkeys, and cleanse in the cool waters of the sacred Ganges River. It's no wonder Rishikesh has been labelled the 'yoga capital of the world' as the entire city vibrates with the energy of peace and love stemming from a lineage of spiritual sages that have practiced here for centuries. There is a mecca of yoga schools and studios, offering 200, 300, and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs as well as Yoga Retreats upon request. Enhance your skill and knowledge as you practice in beautiful, bright shalas that boast panoramic views of the stunning Himalayan mountain range. Come see and feel the power of this holy city in the hills; reconnect with nature and ultimately to yourself.

Why Rishikesh for Yoga Teacher Training?

Deepen your spirituality and relish in the harmonizing chorus of local devotees as you take a stroll along the banks of the rushing, gray-blue waters of the ancient Ganges River. There's always a reason to celebrate with traditional dancing, music and Aarti ceremonies in which illuminated blessings are sent downstream at dusk. Visit one of the hundreds of sacred ashrams, including the infamous Beatles' Ashram, where the band came in 1968 to achieve spiritual awakening and transformed their music forever.


Unlike any other yoga training school in India, 200hrsyogattc offers planned excursions for the two days a week off from the scheduled scholarly program. Together, you and your yoga family will experience all that this spirited city has to offer. Salute the sun as it crests the peaks of the mountains at Kunjapuri, the highest point in the Himalayas. Travel as a group to experience the famous Ganges Aarti, practice yoga alongside the holy River, and visit the Muni Baba cave where you'll have the pleasure of meeting enlightened sages that have spent decades in a meditative state. Chanel your inner adventurer and trek to secluded waterfalls to rejuvenate your body in the cool, refreshing lagoon below. If your lucky enough to come prior to monsoon season, experience the thrill of white-water rafting with your fellow yoga family and an qualified guide.

Life in Yoga City Rishikesh, India

Spend your days off lounging in one of the many organic health cafes in town or amongst fellow yogis on the patio of a restaurant overlooking the Ganges. Wherever you choose to go, you'll feel supported in the presence of such a powerful yoga community. Unique shops selling one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted goods line cobblestone streets throughout the city, along with abundance of fresh fruit stalls. Stock up on all your natural beauty and health needs in the town's many Ayurvedic stores.

Yoga Alliance Certification in Rishikesh, India

At 200hrsyogattc, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of training from the most experienced yoga masters. In accordance with Yoga Alliance USA standards, you will obtain advanced knowledge in both Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles of practice, meditation techniques, pranayama, yogic philosophy, and yoga anatomy. After successful completion of this 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh, you are able to register with Yoga Alliance and start your career as a certified yoga instructor in any area of the world.

Accommodation at 200hrsyogattc in Rishikesh, India

In a country as simulating as India, you'll feel an unexpected sense of peace as you relax into the spiritual vibes of Rishikesh from your private outdoor balcony. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities including; wifi, hot shower, fan and attached bathroom. You'll feel right at home as you settle into your clean, comfortable, bright space complete with a communal open-air rooftop terrace to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding nature from high above. Escape the hectic demands of city life as you dine amongst fellow classmates and friends in a refreshing palm tree-lined courtyard dining area.

Food at 200hrsyogattc in Rishikesh, India

You'll love what our Ayurvedic nutritionists have in store for your hungry tummy! Healthy and wholesome vegetarian dishes are prepared three times daily by our incredible in-house chefs. Indulge in the colours, spices and varying tastes of Indian cuisine. With the extensive physical demands of this intensive program, we ensure there is always enough to feel satisfied without being weighed down. If you have any food allergies, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can prepare accordingly to suit your dietary needs.

Yoga Shala and Teaching Space in Rishikesh India

You won't believe your eyes as you enter either of our two spacious yoga halls; both boasting spectacular views of the surrounding Himalayan mountains. Panoramic windows allow for a bright, natural space to practice yoga and meditation. You'll find blocks, mats, bolsters, and straps to enhance and deepen your yoga asanas. Being fortunate enough to reside an area of the world filled with so much natural wonder, we often take classes outdoors and alongside the banks of the sacred Ganges River.


Nurse your tender muscles back to health with one of the many holistic treatments in our on-site Ayurvedic Spa. Massage therapists provide top-quality techniques and certified Ayurvedic doctors offer consults to bring to light the best version of you. Discounted rates are available to 200hrsyogattc students.

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